Steuerkontor Fischer

Career & Job Opportunities

Because of our further education we can guarantee best advises for you!

Highest quality in our work is the foundation of our business

It is one of the basic principles of our company, to ensure this claim on a daily basis. We actively try to shape the development of quality and all its linked processes. We do not leave it on its own devices.

Permanent education and training

These form the basis of our vocational law activities to ensure internal and external quality standards. The complexity and richness of German tax law is abundant. In order to offer a comprehensive consultation, permanent education and training of our employees is a necessity.

Due to the increasing globalisation and the expansion of our clients, we focus more and more on international design and planning considerations.

Next to our on-the-job training, we offer a continuing, off-the-job education in various fields of expertise.

We are always looking for dedicated employees that want to share our success and our passion for an optimal customer service.

Our vacancies generally address women as well as men without any restrictions of age.

Currently there are no open vacancies